Monday, March 23, 2009

Cops are boosting the Economy!

I was driving home from taking baby to the Doctor.. which by the way is a story in itself.. The doctor thinks he has pneumonia, but never did any tests, never tested his oxygen level.. argh!

He is doing very bad. He won't eat, drink, nothing. He is dehydrated, he sounds like he is struggling to breathe.. I will be at the Doctor in the morning demanding some action.

NOW... While he is sleeping for the next 5 minutes let me tell you this story that happened..

So I was coming home from the Docs, driving down a main street that is 25 miles an hours..


I was not the fastest on the road, but yes, I was a little over the speed limit.. NOBODY, goes the speed limit on that road.. As I looked at the cop I passed, I was not worried, there was a teenager who was passing me..

I kept driving.. Baby was screaming. I was pulling into the pharmacy to get baby's medicine..

I caught a glace in my rear view mirror.. (lights flashing)

I pull over..

Cop- Give me your drivers licence and registration.

Me- OK.

I give it to him, I reached back to calm baby down.

The Cop Freaked!!

Cop- Don't turn around on me.

Me- Sorry, but my baby is screaming, and he has Pneumonia.
(Dude, I do not keep my gun stored under my baby)

Cop- Do you know what the speed limit on this road is?

Me- 25.

Cop- You were going 30.

Me- OK, but their were cars passing me.

Cop- I will be back.

( At this point I was balling.. Give me a break I haven't slept since Friday, and it just hit me all at once.

Cop coming back.. I wipe my tears..

I could tell he knew I was crying, since my eyes were bright red..

Cop- I am letting you off this time.

Cop- I am letting you go to traffic school so it won't be on your record.

Cop- Any questions?

Me- NO.

He put his head down like a puppy who just pee'd on the floor, and walked away.. Didn't say a word,

Just walked away..

What was I suppose to do? Was he leaving? Could I leave?

What the?!!!!

Dear Mr. Cop...

leave us woman who have children, crying children, in the car alone.

I am not going to rob a bank, I am not going to speed more than 5 miles an hour ANYWHERE.

Please concentrate on the beings who I see daily speed for fun, weave in and out of traffic, and put a danger to society.

I know you were just doing your job, But come on, 5 miles over..

Give me a break..


I wasn't crying because of you, in fact, I just was mad at you. When woman are very angry, sometimes we cry..

And for future traffic stops, maybe, just maybe,

You should say goodbye..

It might help people to like you better..

You are a great cop...

Your social skillz

Just Suck!!!!!

If you where worried about your job.. Don't

My 110.00, will boost the economy..

The economy will be back up in no time, thanks to small town cops!





On a side note, as I am holding my sick one, I am looking at your wonderful posts, but I cannot comment.. Know that I am loving them, crying with you, and laughing my heart out at some of them.. I will be back more than evah after he is better. I will still try to post daily, and keep you updated.

But now is the time to put my baby as priority #1..

Oh- he is waking got to go...

Till we meet again...

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Renee said...

I've never been a fan of traffic cops or highway patrol officers. Don't they have better things to do than sit for hours waiting for someone to go 5 miles over the limit?!!!! They must have not gotten their share of the stimulus package, eh?

I'm so sorry your son is so sick. I hope you get some answers soon!

The Mom said...

Where are they when I am driving 5 miles over and people are honking and speeding past me at the speed of light?

I hope your baby is feeling better.

SBZabriskie said...

I got a ticket last week! I really think that their quotas have been raised! UGH! I hope your little one gets better quick-

Brittany said...

so sorry you're having a hard time with the little one- hopefully they're doing something! and figuring it out... talk to you soon

gigi said...

Gracious girlfreind, go to court over that one. I bet you would get off. Especially if you take all the children with you that day. I would at least try it before I wnet to traffic school :(

Hope the baby is better this morning. Prayers.

Misty said...

From a Dr. that doesn't check the oxygen level to a cop that doesn't even let you know he's done bending you over - what the heck is this world coming to?!

Kristina P. said...

I'm glad he had a heart, and let you go!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I am sorry for the hard day you had today .
I pray that tomarrow is better.

I really hope that they take an xray to check how bad his lungs are..

Hugs and smiles!!

Bee and Rose said...

First of all, I am sending your wee one loads of get well wishes:)

Second, I am sending you tons of big hugs!

Third, I completely agree with you on the whole cop thing! Seriously, 5 miles over...that cop is a jerk.


There is a law in good ole AZ, that those fun uniformed men can not give a ticket for five over. Sorry, I know is doesn't help but I thought maybe it would make you wanna move closer to me:):) Iknow good try huh?

Oh I sure hope your little man gets some help and feels better soon!!!!!!!!!!

Tara D said...

I hope your baby gets to feeling better real soon. So sorry Devri!
And shame on that cop! Yes, he's just doing his job, but when it's clear that someone doesn't deserve it, then what the heck?!? Driving school, my bootie! He should have just let you go, period!

Abra said...

He actually forgot to give you your driver's license back? That's crazy. I'm in big trouble because I speed all the time - unless it's early in the morning, then I'm usually under by about 10 clicks...

samiam said...

5 miles? What the heck?
Hope that baby feels better soon.
=( So sad when they are sick.

Melinders said...

Good Luck with the babe!!! I think small town cops don't have anything better to do than pull someone over going 5 over.

Melissa said...

Great cop story! And never once did my tears EVER WORK! You must have the magic touch! Hope baby gets better soon!

Melissa P said...

Your poor baby! Pneumonia is not fun. I hope he gets better soon.
I can't believe he pulled you over for 5 miles over.

Sher said...

Amen! I have soo been there! I hate when you get cops who are full of themselves, and try to be intimidating, just because.
p.s. I love the picture of the crying baby hanging from the window. I gotta get me one of those!

Kaci said...

UGH! I'm sorry!! Stupid cops!

Christie said...

That totally sucks - I'm sorry. But there is truth in what you're saying - cities are struggling in this economy, and tickets are an easy way to make money. I know, because I work for a city.

Mother Goose said...

dang cop! oh i love misty's comment so i am going to check her out.

Mother Goose said...

sorry Misty!! I was going to check you out but you have more personal blogs than I even follow!!

just know that I loved your comment about being bent over. I even used it once this week!