Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to know what the Holy Ghost is..

Have you ever felt the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost is one of the third God Head.

He is like a light on the candle stick.

Heavenly Father is the base, Jesus Christ is the candle, and the Holy Ghost is the light.

You cannot see the light if you blow it out..

But you know he is there, and when you need him, he is around!!

But how to know if you have felt him before..

Well, my dear friends, have you ever felt love, happiness, warmth, uplifted?

Then your answer is YES!!

He is there, turn down your radio, your TVs, and your voices, and listen..

What is he saying to you?

The Holy Ghost is one person that sometimes gets pushed aside with our busy lives.. But with out him in our lives, our lives would suffer!

Have the best Sunday ever, would ya!!!!

Aren't you glad I'm back!!!

I missed you all....

9 coments:

Kristina P. said...

I've missed you too! Have a beautiful Sunday!

hoLLy said...

thanks for those thoughts-so true. too much technology pushes him out. thanks for the reminder!

hope you have a wonderful day! glad to see a post from you-you've been missed!


So glad your back. It sure is hard to hear him when life gets crazy.

Jan the crazy lady said...

I love the Holy Ghost so much. I know when He is around. Thanks for sharing Him.

Melissa P said...

That is a great way to explain the Holy Ghost sometimes I have a hard time trying to teach my kids.
Hope you had a great spring break.

gigi said...

We missed you too! Thanks for helping us to feel the spirit.

Renee said...

Well, yeah!!! Love your Sunday posts and hope all is well in your home.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I hate that sometimes I forget to remember that he is there to help me out. Welcome back!

Sue said...

I pray for the Holy Ghost every day!

my comforter, my friend, my protector, my teacher..

He is defitiely around in the quiet of our lives.