Monday, June 8, 2009

They're are Angels among Us!!

Monday Memories

A couple of years ago, we were invited to go swimming with Maka's cousin. Of course we jumped at the opportunity! Until-

I found out where we would be swimming.. It was at their apartment complex..

You think what is wrong with that? Well let me tell you a mothers nightmare.....

We got their, no lifeguards, no shallow area for the little ones to play in and not very many people in the pool!

That for me is not a good time, that is a worry fury with (at the time 6 little children who could not swim)

We'll, we got their, I was in charge of 3 and Maka had the other 3. It worked out pretty good, we kept an arms distant from them all at all times..

Maka's cousin had 2 children, one was 2, and the other just a babe.

As we head out of the pool for lunch we all exited the pool, went over to the pavilion to eat..

As we all had our food, we heard a little one yell out "Mom, Pokai is in the water!" Then we all turned and a mother jumped in the pool and pulled out Maka's nephew who was 2 out of the pool. He had been under there for awhile, and it was not looking to good.. I can close my eyes and replay the whole scene even after 2 years..

They lady in the pool threw the little one over the edge, as he laid there blue, lifeless, everyone was just screaming.

It hit me like a ton of bricks... "I threw baby Elaiasi to Maka and yelled, " I know CPR!!"

I ran over there lost it. dropped to the ground and checked for breathing, NOPE!

I tilted his head and started CPR. After about 2 minutes of CPR nothing.. I was angry, I was devastated, and I wanted to hit someone.. I was yelling at little pokai, crying, but also trying to stay calm for the parents.

Finally as the paramedics arrived, I did it one last time before the paramedics took over. I stood up and collapsed.. I was in shock! As I woke up, I looked over and the paramedics 2, 3, 4. "Cough, cough" Pokai took a breathe!

They hurried him to the hospital while we all waited at the pool, nobody swimming, just crying..
Then the news came our way.. He is fine. He will be alright!

They hospital said he should not be alive. We was gone for too long.

But you see Heavenly Father works in Marvelous ways.. Little Pokais time was not then, and so he was sent back here to fulfill his work on this earth.

Did you see the angel in that story?

She was the one who pulled the little 2 year old girl over to the pool and to yell to her mother that a little boy was in the water, you see, he was down so far, that to the naked eye, you could not tell he was down there.

I wanted to share this story with you all today.. Summer is here..

Please keep your children close to you. Please keep them safe!

I know I will try my hardest, and I will take every moment that I have with them to enjoy each memory we have together.

So I am putting this blog in the shadow. I will post, I will comment, it will just have to be at night when the chickadees are asleep, I do not want to have my children remember me and the mom who is on the computer all the time, I still will blog, I still will comment, but I am only doing it at night.

Just call me the night time bandit!

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Tara D said...

I could not imagine having to go through that, not knowing if the child would live or die- the panic of the situation would have given me a heart attack for sure. I think there was more than one angel in that story, though.

Jillene said...

I seriously can't even imagine the horror!! I am glad that he is o.k.

I am feeling the same way about blogging over the summer. I will do it here and there but I am going to spend some quality time with my children!!

Kathy said...

Wow. What a story. I totally just shed a tear at work!!! Thanks :)

Seriously though, thanks for the watch my kiddos and to remember that the Lord has a bigger plan for us.

PIP said...

That is why we didn't get a pool when we moved to Az. I wouldn't be able to rest at night worrying about it.

Good thing you know CPR. What a miracle.

Kristina P. said...

How scary! I know CPR too but have never had to use it. You did such a brave thing.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

What a nightmare!!! So glad to hear he's okay, that is so scary! I'm always afraid that my first aid and CPR training will go right out the window in disaster but like you said, angels are with us and obviously you had help. What a neat story!


One of my worst nightmares living here in Az where every other house has a pool or water feature. I believe in those sweet angels among us. what a terrifynig experience!! I only blog when my kiddos are sleeping if I can help it. Elder Bednar did aCES fireside on the use of the internet and idleing our time away. I don't want that on my growing list of bad choices. I do use my blog as a journal but still don't want my kids to only see the back of me either.

Abra said...

great story and good on you too :)

hoLLy said...

you were an angel in that story too devri! so glad the little one was okay. that is so scary-one of my biggest fears!

and yeah, posting and commenting at night only is a GREAT idea. i tell myself to do that and i do, but many times i don't. bad mommy i am:(

Cynthia said...

What a scary experience! I'm so glad it worked out. What an amazing blessing.

I think the blogging at night is great. My commenting USUALLY occurs late at night when I can't sleep. I'm able to focus and the kids still have my full attention during the day.

gigi said...

Love that you love them more than us. That's the way it should be. Summertime there aren't many bloggers out there. I think it is more of a winter sport :)

Sue said...

I luv your new background!!

Drowning is my worst nightmare! we have a pool and with 22 g-kids you can only imagine my fear. The original owners of our home had their g-child drown.

There are angels all around, thank heavens!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh...what a harrowing, harrowing story!

And I love your night blog & comment commitment! (Hee hee, I'm blogging in bed with my hubby snoring beside me...hee hee!)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

That USE to be my worst fear. But then I watched this video that they taught even a 9month old to turn on their back.

I learned how to teach swim lessons and BOTH of my kids were taught how to swim...

But you can't help what others do and you never know the situations that you'll be in... so water and kids are scary ANYTIME!!!

WOW what a story!

Fitzy said...

Thanks for all of your comments to me. I am so bad latley, so wrapped up in my own pain. But I an thankful for the morsel's of hope that I get from everyone in the blogosphere..

Omgirl said...

I think it's a good thing to blog and be online in moderation. I worry too about being online too much. I try to limit myself to naptimes and night time, but sometimes I cheat.

My_Kids_Mum said...

Wow!!! Thanks for that little reminder of faith and what it is that is and should be the most important part of my life. I needed to read that this morning.

Jen Sue Wild said...

My heart is in my throat, how super scary.

I agree Heavenly Father sends us angels when we need them..

I am so glad that he was saved and that you were able to do what was needed until help arrived..

Good for you blogging at night.. I know you are doing the right thing..

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

gosh what a scary moment... what a great idea to be blogging at night!

have a wonderful safe summer too!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

holy cow scary! thank goodness for miracles. and CPR!

great story to share for summer.

good idea blogging at night.

Suzanne said...

You're smart to be a night bandit -- there are more important things to do. ;o) What a story. So relieved it turned out like it did. Definitely angels among us.

Karyn said...

Oh that gave me the chills....He is an awesome God and his angels are always there....including you and your CPR that made all the difference.

Thanks for the reminder :)

Your bloggie is gorgeous and alive with vivid color...I love it girlie!


Memmott Family said...

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