Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spiritual Sunday!

When a trial hits, their are so many emotions running through your body.

When baby was recently ill, I was holding him in my arms rocking back and forth with my cast on foot, while holding the phone with the doctors office. I knew he wasn't doing good, I knew when I looked down and he was foaming at the mouth. I was very emotional, but couldn't show it to the other children. I wanted to scream inside, I was coming unglued, and I still had to drop off the children at grandma's house. The doctor insisted that he stated that he would be alright and to just hurry into the office where he could be put on oxygen first before going to the hospital. Part of me just wanted to call 911, part of me just wanted to hide in a corner and let someone else deal with it.

The doctor insisted that he stay on the phone with me for the next 10 minutes till I got to his office.. I was ok with that.. But first I had to do something....

I politely told the doctor that he had to sit through our little family prayer, I knelt down with the 2 other little ones and said a prayer. At that time I felt comforted, I felt the peace I needed inside me to carry me through this.

I calmly took the children to grandmas. You see, this is the first time I have ever talked to this doctor, first time he will be seeing someone in my family. The whole while on the phone he told me to talk about Kono from the time he was born until now. This is who I needed, this doctor, and now a friend.

As soon as I pulled up, he had a crew with the oxygen, and strapped it on him as we entered the office, and from the phone call he didn't need to waste time asking questions, he already knew.

He did a quick look over, and then they took him to the hospital.(which is next door)

Before they asked questions they started working on him, tests, and all. Then I could admit him.

At first they thought it was the swine flue. A very bad case of the swine flu. I about died. I had read earlier that day, that a poor healthy as a bean 11 year old boy was killed within 48 hours of catching it, and since I was only a day and he already had such a bad case of pneumonia, they thought for sure it was it. I came unglued, how could this happen to us? I prayed again, please give me peace,and give the doctors knowledge.. Thankfully it wasn't a bad case of the swine flu, and thankfully he is 100 percent healthy again.

We will never know what happened, but we do know that our Father in Heaven doesn't give us anything we can't handle.. yes, I said it.. You can handle your own trials..

Pray, pray all the time, not just during a trial,

but Always..

You will find that you have peace in your soul for when the next trial and tribulation comes your way..

I know I will try harder to pray more often for peace in myself, and my home.

I know that we are on this earth at this time for a reason. We are strong, and we need our children to learn through example, we need to pray more in open with them to show them the way.

Have a wonderful Sunday, whether you are at church, or just enjoying the ones you love.

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I am so grateful you share these experieces! What an amazing Mom you are. These ARE hard times and prayer is such a comfort.

Memmott Family said...

You are so sweet. Thanks for posting your story. I am glad you took time to pray! I am glad to hear he is allright

HILLARY said...

there is an amazing power in prayer. i am so grateful to know that when I pray... my Father in Heaven hears me. I know he does! and , obviously, He hears you, too!

the mama hood said...

Thanks for your wonderful testimony! You have definitely strengthened mine! ;) Much Ofa to your kiddies and fam!

DV-Becca said...

you are amazing! You are watched over- hang in there- and I Love This Post! Thanks for the reminder. *hugs*

Brittany said...

glad to hear he's ok... this reminded me of a seminary class i'll never forget from high school (a million years ago haha)... they were telling us this same thing- to pray ALWAYS... to always have a prayer in your heart. and the one thing they said that i've never forgotten is to think of something you do several times a day (turn a light switch off/on, flush a toilet, or hear a school bell) and whenever you do that thing, to think of Christ and the prayer in your heart. it's small, but i've never forgotten that...

gigi said...

Amen, Glad to hear that things are better and that you now have an awesome Doctor friend.
Prayers and blessings.

gigi said...

Amen, Glad to hear that things are better and that you now have an awesome Doctor friend.
Prayers and blessings.

mother goose said...

so glad he is ok, so true, I wouldn't trade my trials for any one else's! I'll keep my own, thank you. Praying incessantly is key!

CaryManda said...

The power of prayer is amazing. He gets us through everything.
Glad to hear that your little one is healthy again.
You and your whanau will be in our prayers.

Nora said...

Devri.. I apprieciate what you wrote today... you see I neded to read it... needed to be reminded.
Thanks again ~

Suzanne said...

Devri, thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts with us. I'm so glad that little guy came through this ok. Must have seemed so overwhelming with him sick, your foot in a cast, etc. So relieved your prayers were answered.

M-Cat said...

Great post and a wonderful reminder!

JamericanSpice said...

What a wonderful doctor. He was at the perfect time for you.

Thank God

I agree with praying all the time and not just in trials. I do this with my young babies before they were born and now. I want them to grow up and know they can trust God.