Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tuesday evening, I heard screaming. Keilani was carrying Kono up to me, and she said "Mom, I think he broke his back" not thinking to much into it, I had him stand down to see what was the matter, he buckled over and hit the ground like a bad of potatoes. I kept asking him where it hurt, he screamed my ba. I grabbed him and ran up to my room where Maka was taking a nap, I turned on the light and said. Honey, something is not right with baby. We knew his back was hurt, we knew his leg was hurt. We grabbed our coats, and ran out the door.

Thank heavens that it wasn't his back. Well it was but it wasn't serious. I really freaked out when I thought the pain was assoiciated with his back. The doctor calmed me down and said it was his leg causing the pain, and the back, we must have just bruised it..


I guess Elaisi and Kono where jumping off the couches, and I guess Kono jumped/maybe Elaisi pushed and when it happend their is a crack between our couches. Kono's foot got stuck as he was falling, twisting it, and as he fell to the ground, his bone just couldn't take the twisting and snapped like a twig.

You see in our house... our motto...

Go Big or go HOME!

As we ran to the hospital i realized that it was only 8:30 and I should call our Doctor first. He said he wanted to see him, in case it was broken, he could splint him as he went to the hospital for x-rays. We got there, no question. I said "Well I guarantee you that it is broken, just where, and how bad is my question."


He did a temporary cast and sent us on our way to the hospital.

The radiologist are required not to say a word. BUT-as we finished, she came out and said. With the biggest eyes ever. "Well I am not suppose to tell you if we see something. it is hard to hide it in my face.."it is broken, and it is not little".

My thoughts went blank I was in shock. Really? Can I see? She said "I would so get in trouble for doing this, but OK". I walked back their and it was on the screen..


Was it big..

They call it a Complete "Spiral Fracture". (I think)

This isn't his, but it looks almost the same

A spiral fracture is the worst kind, because it is not a clean break, it broke from about 2 inches from his ankle all the way up to about 3 inches from his knee. The Doctor called me from the hospital and laughed. "what black cloud hangs from your house?"

he has no idea lol

He went on to say that this was way to complicated and that we needed to see a orthopedic surgeon first thing in the morning.

This poor little soul was in so much pain, nothing but Motrin was in him, and it didn't touch the pain. He and I, did not sleep but maybe off and on for about an hours that whole night.

The next day (today) we went and talked to the Ortho, he did x-rays again, and noticed a change, the once non-displacement, is now slightly displaced. Some how between the night and the morning, it shifted..

Lovely. They set it, and casted it. He was so brave, he had my phone up to his ear, ignored the world, and just sang his rasta songs. lol

So now what?

We wait a week. In a week we go back to see if the set stayed.. If it did.. GREAT!!! Then at that point he will stay in his butt cast (I call it that cuz it goes right under his diaper lol) for 4 weeks...


Did you get that? He can't walk on it for 4 weeks.. Not that I didn't have a hard enough time crutching around on my own dumb broken foot, Now I have to figure out how to get him around too????

If it didn't set right, we go for Surgery next week...

I used to say I have the worst luck in the world, and it can't get any worse.

But I know I could,

So I will keep my mouth shut...

I have more than my share of trials, But I am used to them. Bring them on..

Not only will I be stronger spiritually, but physically too! lol

But I do have to say he looks simply adorably sad.. :D

And the radiologists...*your secret is safe with me and the blog world*

Till the next one.

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Carolyn G said...

OH no poor baby. I hope everything goes well and it has set up right and no surgery needs to be done. Hugs, hon!! Sending positive vibes your way!!

thymeofmylife said...

He gives you no more than you can handle...sometimes you just have to ask how you are supposed to handle it. My thoughts are with you. I know from 1st hand experience how hard it is on crutches...mentally sending you strength and quick healing for both of you.

Kristina P. said...

I think you need to encase your entire family in a bubble.

Sahne said...

@Kristina P 'bout bubble wrap!
That is an extraordinarily large fracture!I sure hope it's all healing well.
thoughts,prayers, hugs

Kaci said...

Oh no!!!!

Family said...

Come live with us and you can just relax while I take care of business. Wait... I don't want to be jinxed! CALL MOM to help! just kidding... I would be there in a heart beat if I could. Love to you and NoNo. <3

Jillene said...

Poor baby!! I hope that the cast does the job and he doesn't need surgery!!

Brittany said...

holy. crap. what the &$*# is going on over there?!?! i cannot believe it! i'm so sorry! i hope you are laughing and not crying ;) my thoughts are with you!

mama cow said...

make that baby a Bu-di-do! So sad. But what a cool cast!! :) You have got to be with out a doubt the strongest mom I know. Love you lots my bloggy friend!!

Sues2u2 said...

I would think a padded house is looking good right about now! (I'm trying to laugh for you cause wow!) Oddly enough the deacon's quorum president in my ward just did a similar break only he also broke the shin bone too & the back bone was twisted. His cast goes all the way up too. @ least he's 13 though.

My heart goes out to all of you!!!

Memmott Family said...

OH man.. I am with sues2u2.. padded house.. my mom has 9 grandsons, and she told my dad she needed a padded house. You will be in our prayers.. You will be ok! I wish I lived near to help you out!

mother goose said...

hey Dev, I have left over bubble wrap from packing, should i mail it to you? Our radiologist always lets us see them and make our own analysis. They just won't tell us what they see. But, I'm so glad you got to view them. Hospital rules are so..... hmmm.

How are you two going to get around? Has it been hard for you to keep him off his leg, walking? Does he crawl or scoot? Maybe you could sit on a skateboard and have him in your lap and scoot around the house. BUT OH WAIT A MINUTE!!! that might not be such a good thing! yeah, second thought, nix the skate board idea.

Tara D. said...

Oh how awful- poor baby! :( At least he gets a really cool cast. Yikes

Abra said...

AHHHHHHHH! TEST OF FAITH :)Hang in there girly! Good thing you've got such good kids!!!

Kristie said...

I'm speachless....

M-Cat said...

I like Kristie, am speechless. Really?????!!!!! doesn't even begin to cover it.

Hope he recovers soon!

gigi said...



That is a a fabulous cast if you have to have one. Sure wish you and he could have done with out those accessories!!! We are keeping you in our prayers hoping things start looking up at your house. Your faith and good attitude amaze me, you amaze me, hang in there!!

shauna said...

Time to wraps ya'lls with bubble wrap! You know--NO one else could handle this like you. Prayers for you guys!

millaa said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope everything works out for all of you. God bless you all!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh my goodness Devri. That must have been soooo scary. I would have freaked.

I am glad that you know your doctors well. LG has a case right now where a kid got taken from their parents for the same kind of break. They say when it twists like that it was caused by someone abusing.

We know that would never happen at your house, but it's good that the doctors know that too.

I LOVE his camoflauge cast.

I totally just spelled camoflauge wrong.

Hope you are all healed soon. I think you have a crush on the ortho doc. :) Breaking all those legs on purpose, eh?