Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spiritual side of Surgery.. "Do you believe in Time for a Reason?"

OK this one I am actually excited to write about.

(If you did not read the last post.. please go down and read it before reading this one, thanks)

For those who might not know, or just started reading my blog, I crushed my foot going down a water slide in July, it was a drop down slide, and for some strange reason when I exited the slide (there was only 3 feet water to exit into) The water pushed my feet down instead of sliding out of it, and I went straight down, like jumping off a 3 story building onto my right foot.. nice.

I went to the ER, where they sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon sent me to do an MRI, where they found out I had a mess in there. All that mess and no displacement (so they thought). I wore a fiber cast and crutches for almost 2 months. When I went into the ortho he stated that "cuboid bones don't heal very well, because they don't have much blood flow to them because they are tightly compacted in the foot. He stated that I could have surgery the first time I went to him, and he preferred it, but I asked if it would heal on it's own, and he said.. well see. Each month I went into the doctor wearing my walking cast, each time they did x-rays.. No change in the cuboid bone, which is where I had broken 2 corners off and broke it straight down the middle of it that is the one that wouldn't heal.. dang it..

In December, after getting Aanya's cast off, he asked me if it felt any different, I said no, but it will heal.. He put his head down, and stated" it won't. it is time devri to have the surgery." I have always been scared of surgery, afraid of not waking up, so I was hesitant. But I went with the OK, he told me he wanted to do it that next day... I agreed, and he went to scheduled it.. I panicked.. Not a week before Christmas.. NO Way.. I hurried to the doctor, and told him I changed my mind, and if we could do it the week after Christmas.. He said he was booked, but he had an opening on the 6Th of January.. I agreed.

Do you believe that Everything in life happens for a reason.. I DO.. But sometimes you don't understand it.. But sometimes it all falls into place and you get a bit of understanding a piece to the puzzle...

When I was waking up from surgery, my husband said I kept talking to someone who wasn't there. I started to cry.. I told him on the way home that I had the chance to see and talk to Kono's Twin who did not make it out of my tummy. I couldn't stop crying, I told him that he was so handsome, so gentle, and so bright. My husband started to cry and state that he really didn't think I was going to make it. We hugged, and at that point I held him and in his ear, I whispered that Kono's twin wanted to make sure that I let everyone know that he was OK, and to let him go.

Right after that, my phone rang.. It was my good Friend.. She had told me her son had just died. She said.. "Devri- Vou sii died".. I started to cry and scream NO, I am so sorry, When, about an 2 hours ago, I found him in his room and tried to save him for 45 minutes, Dev I couldn't." I was so sad, as I got off the phone, still not really coherent with things, I turned to my husband " Call the Bishop"

Later that night I was heavily drugged up, I was non coherent with the things around me, my husband came in and literally stayed by my side to make sure I wasn't going to sleep because the anesthesia was still in me. He knelt down beside the bed grabbed my hand and started to say a prayer. I don't remember the prayer, but I do remember this...

A bright area was around me, and I heard once in a soft voice.. Devri, that man you talked to wasn't your son.. It was Vou sii.. Please let his mom know.

I woke up a while later, took a deep breathe and started to bawl.. My husband ran to my side and I cried for a very long time.

You see, I am not telling you this story to say that I am special, or that I think it is cool that I have had this experience, but to let you all know this.....

You see I could very well have had my surgery in July.. or August,, Nov. The week before Christmas.. But I had a strange feeling not to, I thought I was cuz I was afraid, it wasn't. I know now know why.. Every thing has it's time and place in life..And I had to break my foot, and be afraid of surgery, up until the very last moment in a schedule change at the hospital, to taking 2 hours in the surgery room, to not waking up for 3 1/2 hours. You see It needed to be.. My friend has had a very sad life, she is a fighter, but her husband is not a good man, but yet this woman is faithful to her faith, she is my strength, and her kids are her life, and I needed to be the one who was close to her, to let her know that her son was going to be OK, and to let him go.

You see I was coming to, as he was passing.

When I called his mother that next night, I simply told her this.. Janet, you know I am not the kind of girl, who receives revelations, or high and mighty things happen, but I need to let you know, this.. As I explained what I saw as I was coming to, she was bawling, and simply stopped.. "Devri, do you know how much that helps me, I feel like I can go on now, you see as you were talking to him, I was punching his chest so hard, I just wanted him to come back to me.

I was angry at first about all the bad stuff that has happened to me, why could this all be happening, but it slowly went away, each day things became a little more known to me like finding a hard piece to a puzzle..

I am so grateful to have had this great experience, I am ( and have been crying through this whole post and hope you have felt the spirit that is with me, while I typed this today.

We all have our own trials that we go through, But I know without a shadow of a doubt that their is a reason behind it all, and their has been many times I haven't gotten or understood any of mine.

But that is not the case this time, and I am grateful for this experience. yes, the good and the bad because it has lifted my Testimony to extremes that I thought never were possible..

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book Of Mormon, and it is to be the true book of God. I know that If we strive to keep the Commandments of our Heavenly Father, that our families can be together forever.

Janet and her family has had a life changing experience, but I do know that it was meant to be, and it was meant for their family to change, so that they can be together with Vou sii one day again.

Oh my friend NauliVou Sii, until we meet again.

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OH DEVRI, what a sweet experience!!
I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason. What a great blessing you are to all of us and to your friend Love and hugs!!!!

CaryManda said...

What a good reminder to trust in our Heavenly Father and His plan for us. I'm so sorry for your friend's loss and for the pain you have went through these months. You have been and will be in our prayers.
I admire your strength and your testimony.

Kristina P. said...

What an amazing experience. thank you for sharing, Devri.

Memmott Family said...

That is an amazing story.. Things do happen for a reason!

M-Cat said...

Wonderful experience and I am glad you were willing to share.

Hugs and prayers to your friend and her family.

And to you for your speedy recovery

Anonymous said...

You have a way through your blog to show the real you, and as you do, you touch many lives, including mine. Thank you for your courage, and your testimony


Jen Sue Wild said...

What an amazeing exsperance.. I know it was not easy but as you said well worth it.

I am always amazed at the love our Heavenly Father has for us. He knows each of us so well.

I am so glad that he used you as a tool to help your friend in her time of need.
I am postive it helped her in her hour of need.

I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers..

Cynthia said...

I am totally crying. I relate to your story on so many levels and I'm so devestated for your friend. It really does seem that some get more than their share of trials. I don't understand it but I am so proud of all of you for trying to bring the good from the unthinkable. May the tools the family needs to get through ALL of the things that are going on materialize.

Erin said...

That was a very precious story. I am so glad you had that experience.

Nicole said...

What an incredible experience. The Lord really loves you to entrust you with that sweet conversation, and to be able to comfort your friend. Some things in life are so hard to understand...I've had so many health issues recently that I allow myself to fill up with anger and ask "Why Me?" But something will quietly remind me that I am a child of God, and that I have a specific purpose on this earth, and the Lord tests and tries the ones he loves.

Jenn said...

What a wonderful experience and what a great friend you are. I don't know that I would ever want an experience like this, I think it would scare me. But you describe it beautifully.

The Roberts' said...

I love hearing stories like that. Thanks for sharing!! This made my day in a huge way. We've had things like that happen to us, all in God's time I guess. =]
I hope you get better soon!!!
Amanda R.

hoLLy said...

oh devri, i couldn't help but get emotional reading this. what an amazing experience for both you and your friend. i am so so truly sorry for her loss but with a wonderful friend like you, she will not be lost. she will find her way through this tragedy. thank you so much for sharing this story with all of us. it has touched my heart this night. love you and hope you are recovering well!

Kerri said...

Wow. That's really neat. I feel sad for Janets family.

The Roberts' said...

I know my daughter left a comment, but I'm going to add one, also. This post is such an amazing reminder that there IS a purpose in everything we do. The past 2 years for us has been tramatic, but I've been reminded many times that every little decision I've prayed about and made has been part of His plan. I may not have known why at the time, but it all became clear "in time". Thank you for your testimony...it has certainly strengthed mine.

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing something so sweet and special.

It definitely is a testimony builder.

love to your friend.

mother goose said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and your testimony. I've had many experiences to strengthen my testimony that God is all knowing and what happens either through our own will or through the will of others and circumstances there is always the right side of things to come out on! Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

So totally agree with you. And so glad you are able to be open to these things. I know some people are scared of death, and the after life. But i so believe that if we are open for these things, we can experience them. Ive seen both my parents, shortly after my father's death. And it was so "normal"... and such a comfort.
Hope you are healing well...and doing better!