Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today is Medical.. Tomorrow is Spiritual

OK low down show down on my surgery.. It has to be written down because of 2 things. What you hear today, will prepare and help you understand tomorrow..

So don't miss tomorrows post.. k


The day before my surgery was to take place. The hospital called me with the info. only problem, it was the wrong hospital. one hospital gave me away to another? have you ever heard that before? They told me that I was scheduled for an early Operation. 6 am. I stopped eating at dinner time, no food, no drink, gum.. you get the point. Then I was told that it was to be at 2 pm. ugh.

We dropped the kids off at grandmas house, and headed for the hospital at 12pm. They hurried me in their prepped me, and after 4 pokes, they finally started an IV. The anaesthesiologists came in and started chatting away, at the same time so did the doctor, he should my husband with a marker what he'd be doing, and said at the most it would only take 20 minutes, and depending on the ligaments and muscle positioning, at the most 40 minutes.

2 hours and 20 minutes later, he came out to my husband and said that everything went well. But- once he got in their he found multiple things wrong that he could not ignore as outcome of the accident in July.

He went on to tell my husband that their were ligaments torn that they didn't discover on MRI (twice) bad tears that he had to get tissue from other source and repair. Next he found out when I hit on impact that my metatarsals shifted, that was also not discovered on the 2 MRI's.

So outcome......

4 screws to heal the cuboid bone, 2 ligaments repaired, and 6 pins to hold my bones in place to heal correctly.

I guess they wheeled me into the recovery room. My husband mentioned that he saw me go in about 5 minutes after the doctor came out. I was in their for about an hour. I still wouldn't wake up. So they decided that if they would take me into a room with my husband, that he could help try to wake me. My husband walked into the room, and sat their for another 2 hours, as he watched me sleep. He was nervous. lol I wasn't.... But the nurses and the doctors were also. Finally they brought in the big guns. and after 3 1/2 hours I awoke.

As soon as I woke the nurse said. Good your awake.. Don't go back to sleep. I will help you put on your clothes, and you can go home. That's it... hmmmmmm

I was going in and out of consciousness still and really didn't know what was going on lol.

But I do know as my husband went to go get my car she threw me into a wheel chair and I kid you NOT, she raced for the door. (she must have had a hot date that night), because as we turned the corner, she did not make the turn and slammed my newly foot right into the wall.. And Yes, I felt it.. They put a block in my foot, but as soon as I woke up, my foot was killing, and my foot was tingling, which means the block was wearing off already! We told the nurse that my foot was in horrible pain, and this was her answer.. "Your doctor gave you pain medication. When you leave the hospital, go to the pharmacy and get your pain meds"... NICE A?

(Whoa this is a long post.. hang with my board em...)

Longer story shortened to long.....

I guess they were suppose to make sure I could eat and pee.. They didn't.

I layed in my bed for 2 1/2 days not peeing. The anesthesia still in me. and my kidneys shutting down. I was swollen from head to toe. Hands, Face and feet where the worst.

We finally called the doctor when in my cast I couldn't feel my toes anymore. He asked if my toenails when pressed on, were white and turning pink.. Nope.. not even my toes were pink.. Just white to begin with... They ended up fixing my pee problem and splitting my cast open and wrapping it with an ace bandage.

The next couple of days I sat in pain. horrible pain. It felt as if my incision was ripping open.

guess what.. It was.

I went in for a follow up at the doctors, (sorry honey, you carried me the whole way). The doctor took off my cast, bandages and all. I was right. because I was so swollen, my incision was ripped open. He numbed my foot and fixed me back up, and put on a new lovely cast.

I am feeling much better, my foot just hurts now, instead of feeling like I wanted to shoot myself, kind of hurt.. lol

I am up. I am crutching around.. Yay.. I thought after being on crutches for 3 months this summer, that I would never say that.. but to lie in my bed not moving for a week and a half.. makes you grateful for even yucky things.. :D

I will be in cast and crutches for 5 weeks. Then at that point, they will pull the pins out.. (can't wait for that to happen:D) And I will go back to a walking cast for 2 to 4 weeks... then......

Guess what.. I should be done........

Well, except for all the physical therapy I will need for not moving my ankle for over 8 months... big time therapy. ...

Then after I am all healed.. I might not be done.

You see the Cuboid bone is one of the major bones in your foot, you use it to twist, turn, run walk, it helps you do all those things in a major way.. Well I didn't know, but screws don't sit still very long in your cuboid bone... Doc says that 60 % of people who get the screws in them, have to get them back out.... Because, well, all the twisting and turning, will naturally unscrew them out most of them time....


I might have to start all over again?

Oh well, such is my life.

If you made it through this post.. Congrats...

If you love spiritual stories.. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS TOMORROW!!!!!

Oku ou ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu!

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Only if you were in TN...we could sue. :)

Glad you are healing..hate impatience and incompetance.

Love you girl

can't wait for tomorrow...you better post a link on FB..I only go to me blogreader on a monthly basis nowadays.

Family said...

Your a trooper Dev! Love and hugs

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness how crappy is that- I am glad you are doing better. Sorry you have such a long recovery ahead.

Jess said...

This is one of those logical and well deserved times when that nurse/hospital should be sued big time for negligence and mistreatment!! SHeesh!!

I am so sorry you had to put up with that sort of treatment and the pain as a result.... Hugs to you for making it thru it all... and then blogging about it!! WIll be watching for your next post... and will be praying for a speedy recovery/healing for you!

CaryManda said...

Holy Snikeys!
You're a strong woman. I hope you get a big fat check from the jerks that this all began with.

mother goose said...

you've got to be kidding! ok, whatever happened with the water park, or the pool area? were you able to recover damages? didn't you sue? Secondly, those doctor's had a potential high dollar malpractice suit on their hands. You could have died. Not to get dramatic or anything but, seriously. This injury has caused you a lot of pain and time.
Do you wish that you went ahead and did the surgery the first time around?

Audrey said...

What a story!!! Good luck with it all, and by the way when they pulled the pins out of my 3 year olds arm they used no pain killer. I guess it is not supposed to hurt so good luck with that! I hope you are in the 40 percent that don't have problems! ;) We'll be praying for ya!

M-Cat said...

I want to know what hospital you were at, and who did your surgery. I smell litigation

gigi said...

This story just made me so MAD! You have just been through it and for others to treat you so unkindly makes me sick! You hang in there girl I'm praying for you.

hoLLy said...

holy crapsters devri! that is HORRIBLE! sue their butts. :) that makes me mad and sad! i'm so sorry you had to endure so much. you were and are in my prayers my friend. i'm glad you are doing a little bit better and i hope you have a speedy recovery.

Brenda said...

Hope you heal quickly!


So glad you are back and that you are on the road to recovery! Tell me where that nurse is, I Hope her date had bad breathe...... I love spiritual stories, I will be back tomorrow.

rachel said...

I am sorry you had to go through all that! That is just awful what that nurse did. You are handling it so well. You are an amazing woman, Devri and I hope you are in the 40% of people who don't have to get the screws back out. I hope that everyday gets a little better!!

Melody said...


Cynthia said...

I was treated about as well after
Ouch!!!!! I can't believe how this kind of stuff happens to you- what are the chances? I do hope you are in the 40% group!

I had my last baby- had the pee issue too but stupid docs and nurses I told I had a problem didn't care. I ended up getting $3000 of tests in the ER to confirm that yes, I was retaining fluids (they pumped in 7 bags through the birth process). $10 worth of diuretics later, I was 20 lbs. lighter and able to breathe again.

Now I have to go read the follow up!