Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update of my dumb Foot! WARNING photos attached

I was so anxious to go to my doctors on Monday.. I really was sporting a fever, and knew there would be bad news ahead, I could just feel it. But- I also wanted them to xray my foot, to see if progress was made, or if we go to plan B.

I was called back to the room, the nurse asked me how I was feeling and how my pain level was, I told her off the charts, and I had a fever.

She immediately took me to the casting room, and went and conversed with the Doc. She came in, before xrays and all, and said.. 7 weeks in this cast is too long, lets get this thing off!

As it came off, she about died. I was non weight bearing, so why did I have one pin that was starting to come out all by its lonesome??? I also was swollen and bruised. Not even a week after my emergency cast cutting, when they had to put a new cast on, was I bruised or swollen. nope, NOT AT ALL. You could see the crud all around the pins and a big sign of NOT good things going on in the inside of my foot.
Gross photo below.. only one, so move past this first one if you can't handle it.. *I will not be responsible for you puking on your puter. thanks
It is ok to look now.. I think :)
They pulled out all 6 of my pins. they did not want to come out, they were hard, he pulled, twisted, and yanked, and nadda.. Not one would come out! I was in horrible pain at this point, and he grabbed his brother, they together, pulled and twisted and yanked and they finally gave in. I tried to brave the pain, and still haven't taken anything for it, he gave me Loratab.. I am too cool for that!!!! :)

So after that they pulled the stitches out! It didn't want to come out either. HOi. again pull twisted and yanked..


My foot was too swollen to take xrays, so they threw me in a Boot, and told me not to walk on it, for a week, come back and we will xray it, and go from there

I am so frustrated!!!!

Do you know what my foot looks like now? It not only is swollen on my foot, but my ankle feels like it is broken too!

This is my left foot...

This is my right foot taken last night on my cell phone.. lol why do I always forget that I have a camera.. sorry for the horrible quality photos..

I can take my walking cast off to clean my wounds, take a bath, and in the bath I may start trying to move my ankle.

NO GO!!!!!

I try to point my foot.. denied

I try to flex it.. a little bit

I try to move my ankle from side to side... It feels like my tendons are torn.

I with out pressure, touch my arch of my foot (that is where your bottom of your cuboid bone is).. OUCH.. this thing is suppose to be healing?

I am so frustrated.. But I know, things will take time...

NO one wants to pay for my injury.. I am not asking to get rich, I am not trying to be un Christ like.. Just want my bills paid for, because ummmmm so for we are in over 42,000 worth of a foot! Nice car huh

Not one of the injury lawyers will take my case, they all want it, but they say, nothing was wrong with the slide, so it is not their fault.. I can sue the pool myself, but if the injury lawyers won't get some guts, I probably wouldn't win anyways.. hoi

It makes me mad.. Their is no Swim or Slide at your own risk.. Anywhere posted at that park, I did what the workers told me too, and I was injured because of it, If I wouldn't have crossed my feet, this wouldn't have happened so serious.

This happy post, trying to make you sick lol has turned into a rant and raid, and a poopy one.

Sorry, I can't be happy all the time right?

I am OK, and don't you worry about me.. I have no problem begging and pleading with my Father in Heaven. He is probably so tired of my bugging him, he will heal my foot!

If I am faithful and have courage, he will do his part on his time, and their is nothing I can do about it, but wait patiently.

Dang it!

So the good out of all of this is.......

I can emerse in water again! And cast is off...

For NOW!

I'll take it.

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CaryManda said...

Oh my!
I can't believe no one would take your case. :(
I'm amazed at your strength!! you fullas will be in our prayers!

Krissy said...

Good gravy Devri!!! I hope you can get some legal action under way soon..... Those pins sticking out of your foot are GNARLY! LOL You are crazy for not taking the meds! LOL Thanks for the pictures... I'm so sorry it's been such a painful experience. I'll keep you in my prayers!!

M-Cat said...

Seriously no one will take your case?? That seems crazy. Even with signs posted and waivers signed, this kind of thing almost always wins.

So sorry for this crap!

Memmott Family said...

Oh man I am so sorry. Your foot will heal..

I am so sorry for your pain

gigi said...

Devri, I am just sick for you!!! This sure should have been straightened out by now! Is this going on 7 months now?? No sense in this what so ever! Prayers being sent up for you and your's. Blessings :)

Stacie said...

Yikes! Unbelievable that no one will take the case. It seems soo obvious that you would win. Ugh. Im praying for you & your foot!

Renee said...

Yuck Devri, and I don't mean the pictures, I mean the situation! I hope you're not in as much pain anymore and that some good lawyer will come to your rescue soon. You should take a long bath and cry it out. That always makes me feel a little better! PS. Lock the door so the kids can't come in.

mother goose said...

Devri, this has been such a long long time! There has got to be a reason if anything with the surgeons involved. why has their handy work NOT WORKED!

Ok, about the pool situation. That's it's own law suit. In itself.
But, isn't your surgeries and foot issues approaching their own case as well?
I mean, why are you expected to constantly pay and suffer for doctor's who are not making or giving the right advice. How are you suppose to make a decision. You are going off of their expert advice and right now all of their advice has STUNK!

I say, Go into surgery break your, have them break your foot again and fix it completely.
I've seen situations where people have literally had their foot shattered and recovered in less time then your start to never ending finish. Please know that I'm venting with you and saying prayers that Father will heal your foot and bless the doctors as well.
Heck start looking into the pool and the place where it happened sue everyone and in in the end it will trickle down to the important people that need to be done. But the law suit in the beginning lists every employee, manager, on up, and the courts clear out who is and who isn't responsible and then litigation begins.

ShaRhonda said...

Thinking and still praying for you!

Kaci said...

Oh man! Good luck with it all!! Your poor foot!! :(

Nicole said...

Want me to find a recipe for Lortab brownies?

So sorry the trauma and drama never seem to end :(

Little GrumpyAngel said...

good grief!!!! i am at a loss for words! oh my goodness girl...

Karyn said...

Oh my dear sweet friend...I am so sorry for what you are going through, I know it isn't easy to feel so very frustrated and restrained, not to mention the pain that you are in. I am sending hugs and continuing to assist you in your prayers, heavenly Father is faithful.

ko Ľu hoaloha

BTW...your toenails look gorgeous, I love that color on your toes! ;)

Mrs Morty said...

Hugs Devri!! Sorry this has been so hard. Lots of prayers for you guys.

hoLLy said...

you have the BEST perspective devri, you are an awesome woman! you will get through this a stronger person. you have been in my prayers friend!! i am so sorry for all the utter garbage you've had to put up with lately. sounds like the doctors are big crapheads to me. and so are the injury lawyers.

p.s. i love how you used the word "poopy." i love you.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Girl I wish I could lend you my fairy Godmother and that she would fix your foot, but for now i will continue to keep you in my prayers..

Erin said...

Oh! I really hope the swelling goes down soon! Take care of yourself.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

HOLY shmokes Devri!!!!!!!!!! I was in pain just looking! You poor thing!!! I hope it heals quickly for you, what an ordeal! You're a strong gal to be sure!

Tara D. said...

Surely someone will grow some and take your case. There wasn't anything with the slide,it was the shallowness of the water that was the problem. What's not to understand about that?!? The pool was responsible, period!! I sure hope you get some justice, Devri. I'm rooting for you. And your doctor was so wrong in blowing off your pain before like it was nothing; well, now you know. Get better soon.