Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Habbits/Bad Habbits

Everyone had their "thing' as they were growing up. Some have overcome their 'thing' and some never do..

I am one of the ones who never do.


I stopped biting my nails,
and stopped picking my nose...

Cancel that.. I still pick my nose, But-

I don't eat it ANYMORE!

But when I was Little my favorite thing as a child was to go into our pantry, look for the tub of unopened frosting, and dig in.

Something about ripping and popping open the lid, and pulling back that tinfoil seal, and smelling the sweet smell of ummmmm FAT!

I would grab a spoon, who am I kidding, I sometimes would forget the spoon and dig my fingers in and eat and eat till that tub was finished.

and NO, I never puked.

Well, I found out today that I was looking for a recipe, and lo and behold I found a freshly bought tub of frosting sitting there, staring me down. wanting me, as I wanted it.

I grabbed it, ducked down so no one would see me.....


And I ate and ate and ate that thing till it was 3/4 gone.

Why did I stop..

Cuz some things change even though, they stay the same.

Although I love to eat a tub of frosting, and probably just gained 20lbs on my Butt,

I also just bout puked..

So is there something you still do as you did as a child?

Fess up, I know I have a ton of readers who need to come out of their closet..

Perfect time folks...


9 coments:

Renee said...

I have terrible table manners. I take huge bites of food, I sit cross legged in my chair and my elbows are almost always on the table.... and yes, I scold my children for doing all of those things, not because it's bad manners, but because I'm afraid they're going to choke, fall or heaven forbid, get food everywhere.

I guess I'm a hypocrite as well.

M-Cat said...

I still interrupt people when they are talking. I try hard to hold still and stay quiet, but I can't!!

hoLLy said...

i ate cupcake wrappers. and swallowed them whole. not kidding.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Pick my dry boogers. You're welcome.

Audrey said...

I used to eat powdered milk without adding water! Sometimes i still get the craving for it! i don't know if I would still eat it or not if I had some.

CaryManda said...

Oh my long lost tub o frosting eating sista!
I used to do the same thing! So yummy. These days, sadly, I can barely stomach a cupcake with the frosting stuff.

Lene said...

My brothers I used to sneak into the cupboard and dring the sweetened condensed milk...I still have a hard time walking by that aisle in the grocery store.

Wonder Woman said...

Gah! I thought I had added you to my reader! Problem solved.

I'm still scatterbrained like I was as a kid. And I ate frosting from the tub just last week.

mother goose said...

rofl, you are so funny! i had a very limited deprived childhood. So, I created my childhood the minute I married!