Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does Your... Hang LOW?

Woke up, and ran to get the monkeys ready for school, never thinking about myself. Hair done, clothed, fed, cleaned up, backpacks ready (i swear in my next life I will one day be organized), lotioned them up, checked teeth are clean, then shove them out the door.

I then went up stairs got ready for the day and headed out the door, as I entered the store, I noticed I felt, well.......... lets just say loose. I questioned myself.... did I forget to put on a bra today?, I did a side swipe, just to be sure.. Yea, its there. phew!

I walked a bit further, people kept starring, I was starting to get a bit nervous.. what is it? lol I side swiped the area again conspicuously, just to be sure.. It's there. I kept going. A little kid walked past and snickered, I stopped in my tracks and turned into a aisle that no one was there, and looked from head to toe.. Wiped teeth with tongue.. nothing there, side swiped again.. double making sure, cuz I steel feel loose... what?, looked down at my pants..
fly wide open!!!

This is why everyone was staring, lol I love it, too bad I am not one to be greatly embarrassed, so I calmly zipped it up, (feeling way loose)... side swipe again! ?????????

I paid for the items, went home, and went about my day, I seen a total of 6 adults, and a billion children..

As I went to get my child from soccer, I scratched my back..


I mean no strap!!!!!!

I felt again.. NO STRAP!

I laughed all the way home...

MY dumb bra broke and I didn't even notice!

I either must be really little and It doesn't matter, or I am really big and just hang even with a bra.. (sorry all men who are reading this)

Wow.. that's all I gotta say! lol


I have to write this somewhere, and for those who already know you can skip this :)

Katalina has been having headaches all day everyday, we took her in, they did somethings that they thought might fix it. Nothing... So they sent her in for a MRI and when the doctor read it, he sent it over to the Primary Children's Hospital. They called me and had us come in. Good News.. they did not find a tumor, but they did find she has slight pressure behind her eyes, they put her on meds and a medicine to stop seizures, (they found out that she should not be a normal child, they found that her ventricles capped off too early during their final growth, and she should have had seizures, and epilepsy early in her years, so they put her on it just to make sure she doesn't start). They told us to come back in 4months and just to watch, in case she has a small tumor that is hiding.

She is getting worse, she rarely feels well, and has a hard time going to school, or calls home begging to be home. I called the Neurologist and she wanted to her to get a whole blood culture done, including some cancer testing.

We are finished with that, and I will keep up to date from here on out.


Photo coming soon (lazy ya know)

And PS.. Aanya cracked her tibia, she is on crutches and a half cast that goes up past her thigh. She will wear it till the swelling down next week then a cast for 2 weeks.... But- the way I see it.. She just can wear the half cast, the same thing right?~ right!

Life in the day of a mother of 7 down here on earth is never a boring one! Just wish some days were!

I am thankful for that, and will take the punches as they are thrown. I am a fighter, so are my children.

Bring it!

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Stacie said...

o dang. DANG! thats a lot going on ! Rude that no one whispered to you that it was your fly that was open. Some people !Maybe ppl are just too embarrassed to say. Hehe about your bra, what a day!
Scary about your daughter. Will keep her in my prayers still that its nothing serious! poor thing !:(

Renee said...

I could walk around with no shirt on and no one would bat an eye. Maybe a kid would curiously ask his mom why "that bare chested boy" had so many stretch marks, but that's about it.

I would've told you.... that's what friends are for.

Liz said...

How funny..

Glad your daughter is ok and you got some answers

gigi said...

Such scary stuff! Hang in there my friend! Blessings.

M-Cat said...

GAH! When it rains, it pours! Good thoughts and prayers sent your way

tammy said...

I'm laughing at your bra story! I once had a front closing bra that would unhook when I moved a certain way. Not good.

Man, it just never ends at your house. Sorry for that!

Cynthia said...

Ah man! I'm laughing at your expense but I did the same thing recently.

Sorry about the medical issues- AGAIN. I guess with 7 kids you will get more of those things than most. I really hope they can find what is causing Katalina's trauma and that they will find meds that work. My sis has epilepsy now thanks to a brain injury and it's just no fun!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Devri!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA, so stinkin' funny!!! Oh my goodness! And I hope life gets easier over there, stay healthy all of you!!!