Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4 year old WONT eat!----What?

At FHE last night, my husband went around to each person in the family and asked them what is their New Years Resolution? Of course everyone had one for each other, but not many for themselves. They think they are perfect.. Just like their mama!

Maka started with Kono age 2- Kono, daddy said- You will work on not having so much man drama OK?...... lol I have to agree!

Elaiasi stated that he would be stronger!- Maka stated that he needs to be nice to his brother, and I stated HE NEEDS TO LEARN TO WIPE HIS OWN BUTT. thanks!

Leila mentioned that she will not be afraid to flush the toilet anymore! -phew!

Lavi stated that she will help around the house more often, then Maka told her that she needed to stop giving him her looks (which by the way melt his heart).

Katalina took awhile to think about what she needed to do, not to forget we told them last week to be thinking! But- she finally stated that she would stop going into her sisters room and stealing her stuff and wearing to school! lol FYI- Her sis found out last night she was doing it! bahaha Then Maka told her she needed to start brushing her teeth better and do so with out mommy or daddy begging her to get the fuzzies off them!

Keilani was simple, she said it fast and quiet! She told us she would stop eating so much! (this girl can eat).. Maka added that food is NOT FUN! YOU ARE NOT TO ENJOY IT! .. I couldn't help but lmbo!

Aanya mentioned that she would be nicer to the kids and that she would mind her own business! Maka then added that She is NOT the mom of the house and let herself be a child! She then stated that she wanted a phone, daddy then told her there would be no phone until her resolution would be resolved! lol NICE DAD! SHE WILL NEVER HAVE A PHONE FOR A LONG TIME..oh he better not give in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me- I chose to be healthier... Blah I hate healthy food, but I love my butt cheeks to fit into my pants... So healthy it will be!

Maka- To get our finances worked out, and to lose weight!

(lol I have to tell you he went out and bought some shirts and pants the other day, 2 sizes too small- ON PURPOSE! LOL GOOD LUCK HONEY~

Our spiritual goals this year will be the same as last and the years before,

Read scriptures together, family prayers, and such but this year we added service. twice a month, Mondays will be service days. We also want to show our kids by example that charity never faileth!

Which brings me to tell this story that took place this morning... my 4 year old had to go potty, he ran to me.. MOM MOM MOM, I gotta go potty. I mentioned to him as we were both running up the stairs that if he remembered that he needed to start wiping his own butt?! This is what he said...

I know mom, this is the last time, then from now on, imma gonna only drink, NO MORE FOOD FOR ME, cuz when I eat, I poo, and when I drink, I pee!

So guess my son has already resolved his resolution.. Smart boy huh!

I will be lucky if this boy doesn't kill me!


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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

bwhahahahahaha that is hilarious! If he doesn't eat he won't poo... that is way cool he actually figured that out!

Awesome goals for everyone and 10 points for actually having a family home evening... we so need to make that one of our family goals!

Saimi said...

Ha!! Thanks for the laugh I couldn't stop giggling through this post! My favorite is the not eating cause it makes him poo, I just love kids!!

Great resolutions!!

blueviolet said...

One more, love his logic!

Jess said...

ahahahahahahaha thats soo funny!!! What a smart little guy... now if it only really worked that way... hehehehehe

Great resolutions.. thanks for sharing!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Girl keep writing you always make my laugh.. Your family is just so fun!

Julie said...

Love it! Those kids are so dang cute!

Garden of Egan said...

That is hilarious! How in the world do you keep up??
It makes my tired ache just to read your adventures!
Your girl's hair is beautiful!

Uh, I think cats are much easier....sometimes anywayz.
Thanks for visiting, I can tell I'm going to get a kick out of your blog!

Erin said...

What would our lives be like without so much potty talk :)

Cute family.

Anonymous said...

Devri!!! hahahaa!!
i would love to spend a week in your house with your family!!! you guys are hilarious!