Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice..

I am pretty sure that is what this little girl is made of.

(Mom, stop taking photos, your phone camera stinks!)

(One little girl trying to wait patiently)

(2 of the best people in the world)

My mom rocks, whenever one of her grandchildren turn the age of 8, She treats them to a date!

The Nutcracker
Time alone with grammy!

Nothing is better to a 8 year old..

4 of my girls have done this now, and all 4 of them, still talk about it to this day!

Did I mention my mom rocks!

Well, she does and so does this little girl!

(When a famous dancer/previous owner of a dance company is in the house, always....Curtsy!)

The end.

11 coments:

Maecy said...

What a fun tradition! And she is a doll! Kinda takes after her mama :)

Kristina P. said...

She is a cutie! I wish I had hair like that.

Garden of Egan said...

That is so awesome! I need to take that idea and run with it for my grandkids. (I'm trying to be the favorite grandma)

She is a darling girl and she totally rocks the curtsy!


Both beautiful ladies, and good times. That really is one fabulous Mom and G-Ma!

Kelsie said...

She is beautiful! Your mom is awesome!!

gigi said...

BEAUTIUL darling daughter!

Anonymous said...

aww! that is so sweet!! your mom really IS awesome Devri!!!!
your daughters are so lucky to have her and you in their lives!

Family said...

Your mom ROCKs! Oh, she is my mom!!!!!

Saimi said...

Your mom does ROCK!! What an awesome tradition not to mention a fun way to turn 8!! Your daughter is adorable and looks so fancy in her beautiful dress!!

Cynthia said...

Man! You two sure do make beautiful babies! Good thing you've graced the world with plenty of them!

I'm glad she got some 'special time' (that's what we call it) with Grammie. Grammies are the best!

Julie said...

What a fun tradition! Love it! Yay for mom's!!!